Hawaii Volcanoes
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Hawaii Volcanoes
National Park
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Lava Flow

One of the leading sightseeing appeals is seeing live, scorching lava flows and, if you're lucky, gushing lava fountains.

Rather than wasting time driving around trying to find active lava flow, drop by the Visitor Center. The staff will tell you where the action is currently taking place.

Lava flows and fountains are visually more exciting after dusk. The molten lava intensely glows against the dark background.

Hiking trails

They are many and come in different persuasions, including those suited for simple-footers and backpackers.


Wear layers of clothing because Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a destination of extremes. On the same day, it's possible to walk on sandy tropical beaches and snow-covered terrain.

Polynesian Triangle

The Hawaiian Islands are the northern tip of a Pacific Ocean cultural zone known as the Polynesian Triangle (shown on map below). Easter Island and New Zealand define the other two tips.

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