Las Vegas Strip

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Las Vegas Strip
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Virtually all the big hotels have their own casinos - and they compete imaginatively with one another for tourists and their gambling dollars.

Hotel tourist lures

They include a Disney-esque volcano that erupts on schedule - and a full-scale pirate ship that battles another boat before sinking completely below the water with its captain. Many Las Vegas Strip casino-hotels attract tourists with extravagant floor shows, often with world-famous performers.

Theme parks

Some casino-hotels have extensive theme parks to appeal to the growing family market. Some have fanciful architectural facades like castles, pyramids, Mississippi showboats, and large-scale versions of the Statue of Liberty and other famous Manhattan landmarks.

Mob Museum

Gangsters played a major role in early Las Vegas history. Now there's a museum featuring that heritage.

Numerous accommodations

The Las Vegas Strip (along with Downtown Las Vegas) has about 100,000 rooms and most of the world's biggest hotels. One has over 5005 rooms, making it the world's largest hotel. Yet, sometimes Las Vegas is fully booked due to its immense popularity among gamblers, sightseers, conventioneers and trade show attendees.

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