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Na Pali Coast
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The famous
Kalalau Trail

It's exciting, but this 11-mile long cliff clinging path is not recommended except for fit, experienced hikers.

Some parts become narrow with acrophobia-generating drop-offs over large jagged rocks lying far below. Those who do make the hike are rewarded with incredibly beautiful vistas.

It's not a day hike. You need to overnight backpack. You camp at trail's end at the remote, no-frills, postcard-pretty Kalalau Beach.

It is possible to take a day trip by traveling over only the first 2 miles of the trail, ending at Hanakapiai Beach, which is lovely and  uncrowded. Still, you need to have good hiking skills.


Camping at Kalalau Beach is by permit only - and availability sometimes runs out many months in advance. Be aware that surfing, swimming and even wading is far from safe along the Na Pali Coast because of rip currents.

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