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The Smithsonian
world-class art museums

I list them alphabetically


National Design Museum

Showcases artistically designed contemporary products that have influenced daily life.


Freer Gallery of Art

19th to early 20th century American and Asian art.


Hirshorn Museum
and Sculpture Garden

Celebrates contemporary and modern art in a unique doughnut-shaped building.


National Museum
of American History

Focuses on the culture and lifestyles of the past. Its vast collection has earned it the "nation's attic" nickname. The Presidency exhibit is a highlight.


National Museum of
the American Indian

This is the Smithsonian's newest museum. It honors Native American culture and history.


Natural Portrait Gallery

Its walls are hung with paintings of famous Americans, including Washington.

National Zoological Park

The National Zoo, as it is widely called, has an array of animal species from around the world. Crowds gather to get a glimpse of the Giant Pandas (a Chinese gift) and the adorable cub named Tai Shan.

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