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The Bund was once known as the financial capital of Asia. After the worldwide stock market crash of 1929, it began to lose some of it luster. Now, Hong Kong and Pudong, across the river from the Bund, are China's primary financial centers.


Bund derives its name from an Anglo-Indian word for a flood preventing embankment (which was the Bund's original and still crucial purpose).


The Bund is 1500 meters (almost a mile) in length.

Huangpu River cruise

Take a one-hour cruise on the Huangpu River. The ships leave from docks on the Bund riverbank (see photo). They provide a thrilling vantage of the Bund and - across the river - the spectacular Pudong skyscrapers. The ideal departure time is just before the buildings are illuminated with floodlights. When you return, the buildings are spectacularly lit against the evening sky.

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