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Leshan Great Buddha
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The statue's head is at hilltop level, its feet are at riverside level. The Leshan Great Buddha overlooks the confluence of three rivers and faces the 3,000 meter (10,000 foot) high Mount Emei, one of China's holiest mountains.

Once enclosed

The Leshan Great Buddha was enclosed in a wooden structure, but that shell was destroyed during 14th century warfare. The statue has been exposed to the elements ever since.


The government has been mending the statue's structural defects to save it for posterity.


The original sculptors built a drainage system inside the statue to help protect it from water damage. It still functions today.

Nearest major city

The Leshan Great Buddha is near the town of Leshan, which is about 150 kilometers south of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province.

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