Long Ji Rice Terraces

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Long Ji rice terraces
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Most terraces are carved out of the hillside, one directly above the other. Some terraces spiral upwards, forming one continuous path around a hill, from its base to its top (this facilitates irrigation by allowing the water to flow down an unbroken track).

Slope angles

The slopes are steep (30 degree average). Some have 50 degree inclines.


The highest Long Ji terraces are 1100 meters (3600 feet) above sea level.

Getting there

To reach the Long Ji terraces from Guilin (the major tourism city of the Guangxi autonomous region), you drive three hours north to the regional city of Longsheng, then one hour southeast up a twisting mountain road to Long Ji.

Nearby villages

Explore some of the interesting ethnic villages in the region around Long Ji, including those of the Shuang and Yao people.

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