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Shibaozhai Temple
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It tells us that the higher we climb up the Shibaozhai pagoda stairs, the better our wish or prayer will be answered.

Flood prevention

When the water behind the Three Gorges Dam reaches its maximum height, the river will rise to the Shibaozhai pagoda's foot. To keep the waters from ruining the structure, the Chinese are building a special dam that will encircle the entire temple and its huge rock outcropping.


Shibaozhai translates as "precious stone fortress".

Getting there

Most visitors arrive on Yangtze River cruise ships, which dock along the riverbank.

Nearest major cities

Shibaozhai Temple is roughly 300 kilometers (180 miles) downstream from Chongqing city and 1000 kilometers (625 miles) upstream from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province.

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