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Silk Road name

The term "Silk Road" never existed until 1877 when a German geographer coined it. And, technically, Silk Road should be plural, not singular. There are several routes.


Many cities from Beijing to Kashgar qualify as Silk Road cities. However, the one with the most Silk Road character is Kashgar (Kashi) near China's far western border in the Xinjiang autonomous region. If you visit only one Silk Road city, let it be Kashgar.

Other popular attractions

The ancient cities of Jiaohe and Gaochang are situated near the oasis city of Turpan. The Bizaklik Buddhist caves are also nearby.

Grasslands dotted with nomadic yurt tents can be found in the Urumqi city area. Another highlight is the Silk Road corridor that includes, from east to west, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, and Kuqa.

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