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The Wudang scenic area covers roughly 300 square kilometers (about 125 square miles).


The earliest construction of the Wudang complex dates back to the 7th century Tang Dynasty, but most of the existing structures were built during the Ming Dynasty (14th to 17th centuries).

It took the Ming Dynasty a decade and hundreds of thousands of workers and soldiers to upgrade the Wudang complex.

Sadly, in 2003, a fire severely damaged Yuzhengong Palace (one of Wudang's major sites) and some other structures. Restoration plans are underway. 

Getting there

Wudang is an easy side trip if your cruise of the Yangtze River gorges begins or ends in or near Wuhan city.


The Wudang Ancient Building Complex and scenic area lie in northwestern Hubei province. See below map for photos & descriptions of Hubei's other two Hillman Wonders.

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