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Dai Water Splashing Festival

This internationally renowned festival takes place in mid April for three days. It has lively activities, including:

Dragon boat racing.

People splashing water liberally over each other to bring them good luck.

Young unmarried women tossing a special pouch to the object of their affections (works sort of like a valentine card).


Xishuangbanna is inhabited by over a dozen ethnic groups, including the Dai, Bulang, and Hani.


Xishuangbanna means "12,000 rice paddies". "Banna" is Xishuangbanna's unofficial nickname.

Nearest major city

Jinghong, the central and main city of Xishuangbanna, is about 550 kilometers (330 miles) south of Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province. The trip takes twenty hours by bus, one hour by plane.

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