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What to do in
Yangshou town

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West Street

It is a long, narrow, pedestrian lane lined with restaurants, bars, hostels, small hotels, and souvenir stalls. West Street normally has a relaxed atmosphere that's ideal for outdoor cafe eating, drinking and camaraderie - except at about 3 p.m. That's when hundreds of Guilin based tourists move en masse like cattle through West Street on their way from their moored Li River Cruise ships to board their Guilin bound tour busses in the center of the town.

Yangshou water show

It is a lavish spectacle with hundreds of synchronized performers with traditional outfits, river rafts and colorful props. The huge stage is an enclosed river inlet. Flood lit limestone peaks and the night sky form the theatrical backdrop. Seating is amphitheatre style.

Here yesterday, gone today

Sadly, little remains of Yangshou's once picturesque traditional architecture. It was replaced with nondescript contemporary structures.

On the positive side, today's Yangshou can serve as a convenient base for exploring the nearby countryside and as a place to unwind in the middle of your trip to China.

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