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The Great Wall 
of China today

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When I first visited the Great Wall of China in the 1980s, it was the travel icon of China. Today, it is even more so.


Although much of it is in disrepair or deteriorated, some wall sections are in fairly good condition, thanks to repairs, renovations and protection programs by the Chinese government.

Known sections

There are currently slightly over 100 known sections ranging in states from deteriorated ruins to skilled restorations. One section was discovered just a few years ago.

Yet to be

Archaeologists believe that some sections still lie buried and are waiting to be found and excavated.

The Great Wall  of China today

It is popularly
written that...

The wall is so long that you could see it with the unaided eye from an orbiting spacecraft (and some say from the moon). That would be impossible.

Why you
couldn't see it

Despite the Great Wall's extraordinary length, it's too narrow to be seen from an orbiting spacecraft without a telescope or super binoculars. Spotting the Great Wall from that height is analogous to being able to see a stretched-out mile-long thread on the ground while standing on top of a ten-story building.

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