Great Wall of China

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Best times
for visiting the
Great Wall of China

The best periods

Go in the early morning or late afternoon when sightseeing buses are relatively scarce. And, the low-angled sun rays help make great photographs. Crowds can be thick from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

The best 2 months



Usually sunny (though you could encounter occasional rains). Wild flowers are abloom. Vacation travel season has begun, but modestly so.


Usually sunny (and even less chance of rain than in May). Moderate tourist count. Fall temperatures are brisk, but refreshing and comfortable, making it a pleasant time to travel to the Great Wall of China.

The next best months


June to September

Although summer is the rainy, humid season and the vacation tour season is in full swing, it's better to visit the Great Wall of China then than during the winter (see next item) or not at all.

The least desirable months


November to April

You'll share the Great Wall of China with few tourists. And, it's the dry season. However, the weather can be bitterly cold and biting, especially in January and February.

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