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Foreign cruise line
itinerary restriction

By American law, non-USA cruise lines operating Hawaiian cruises must call on at least one non-USA port prior to or after sailing to Hawaii. This explains why you may see ports like Mexico's Ensenada incongruously on a Hawaiian cruise itinerary.

The NCL expemption

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) is exempt from the above law - as long as its ships in Hawaii sail under an American flag and employ American crews. And only NCL may operate year-round in Hawaii.

The exemption
is controversial

The NCL monopoly is strongly debated in
the cruise industry trade.

On one hand

As designed, the law creates jobs for American crew personnel.

On the other hand

You restrict passenger choices by letting only one cruise line offer the Honolulu-to-Honolulu itinerary.

This translates into fewer tourist dollars for Hawaii and the industry because some cruisers forego Hawaiian cruises for two reasons.

First, they want higher quality food, service, and ambiance than NCL delivers.

Second, they don't relish the alternative: Sailing five straight days at sea just to be on a better ship.


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