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Some visitors complain about the complex's high admission fee.  But for most travelers, the cost is more than worth the experience.

Digital bracelet

You are given one when after you pay the admission fee. The bracelet's chip records your charges for items like massages, food, and beverages. You settle the bill when you exit.

Poor signage

I heard a number of visitors criticizing the lack of sufficient directional signage.

Panorama platform

It's open to both admission and non-admission paying visitors. Don't miss it because it's a great viewing and photo opportunity of the lagoon and bathing activity. Unfortunately, many visitors don't know about it or don't know how to reach it because direction signage is deficient.


The water is shallow and the air can be cold or chilly. To keep your upper body warm, you squat, which keeps your body below your shoulders submerged in the warm water. When moving about, you squat-walk instead of walking upright.


It gives indoor treatments and has a small hotel for treatment and non-treatment guests. The clinic complex also contains a restaurant, cafeteria, and skin-care product store.

Food and drink

There's a bar in the pool area - and a restaurant and cafeteria on the lobby floor facing the lagoon.

Sauna and steam rooms

They are adjacent to the lagoon. Bathers can easily reach them. Both are free.


You can get to the lagoon and back via bus, taxi, and rental car.


Many travelers stop over at the Blue Lagoon for several hours when traveling from the international airport to Reykjavik - or the reverse. Iceland Excursions and some other bus tour companies give you this option.

When open

It's open year-around. Hours are 9am to 9pm in the summer. Winter hours are slightly shorter.

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