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First human inhabitants

Some scientists believe that they were 9th century Irish monks, not the Vikings, who arrived a half century or so later.

Population today

Iceland has 320,000 residents, 80% of whom live in Greater Reykjavik.

The nation's population density is exceptionally low. It's only three persons per square kilometer (one per square mile).

Wild animals

The Arctic fox (see photo above) was the island's only native animal when the settlers arrived in the 9th century. It had migrated long before from Greenland on ice.

How Iceland was formed

Eons ago, the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates began moving apart. This lessened the distance between the earth's surface and the hot spot magna chambers deep below. This in turn made it easier for the magna's lava to push upward to the surface. Over time, the lava created the Iceland land mass.

Is Iceland on the European
or North American continent?

Geologically, it's on both. Conventionally and culturally, Iceland is thought of being European.


Iceland doesn't have an army, navy, or air force. The coast guard protects the nation.

Quick facts

Glaciers cover 11% of the country

Main religion: Lutheran (80%)

Tourism and fishing are the main industries

Reykjavik - Translates "smoke bay"

Reykjavik is the world's northernmost capital

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