Mount Thalay Sagar

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Mount Thalay Sagar
is special

This steep-sided mountain is visually stunning and is extolled by world-class mountain climbers.

High, but ...

Mount Thalay Sagar is 6,904 meters (22,651 feet) in altitude, an awesome figure. But there are over 100 other peaks in the Himalayas that are taller.

What makes
Mount Thalay Sagar
outstanding is a combination of its ...

Striking appearance

Mount Thalay Sagar is immensely photogenic by itself (see photo).

In addition, it and its neighboring mountains (Bhagirathi, Chaukhamba, Kedarnath, Meru, and Shivling) collectively create a memorable scene. To many, it's the most beautiful and mystically inspiring mountainscape in the Himalayas.

Climbing difficulty

The precipitous sides make the peak a formidable climbing challenge and a test of one's skills, resolve, and equipment. Some experts say it's more difficult to summit than Mount Everest.

Mount Thalay Sagar

First ascent

Mount Thalay Sagar wasn't scaled until 1979, a testament to its climbing

Location in India

The mountain lies near the India-Tibetan border. See map below.


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