Blarney Stone
and Castle

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Blarney Stone
and Castle
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How to kiss
the Blarney Stone



Climb five stories up the castle via a tight spiral staircase.


Lie on your back on a floor slab area (outlined in white in left photo on page one).


Arch backwards and downwards. For support, you grab the two vertical iron bars on either side of the Blarney Stone. A castle staffer holds onto your legs or midsection just in case.


You're now in position to kiss the hard-to-reach Blarney Stone.

Worth wondering



Did the person who kissed the Blarney stone prior to you leave germs?

Time gap

Why did the kissing legend emerge just two centuries, yet the castle and its renowned stone have been around for five centuries?

Dozens of answers
for this question

How did the kiss-for-eloquence legend begin?

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