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The Ring of Kerry road route is more or less 200 kilometers (125 miles) long, depending on how you define the circuit.


For many travelers, the Ring of Kerry begins and ends in this town. Killarney has a variety of accommodations, restaurants and pubs.

Interesting destinations
near the Ring of Kerry


Ring of Skellig

It's inaccessible to busses, which makes this rustic and coastal side trip all the more appealing.

Skellig Michael

This tiny, mystical island lures adventure seekers - and wins a Hillman Wonders bronze medal winner. Click Skillig Michael to view my web page on it.

Dingle Peninsula

It's directly across the bay from the Ring of Kerry. Many travelers prefer it over the Ring of Kerry because it is less-touristed and has photogenic seascapes and landscapes. It is a Hillman Wonders bronze medal winner. Click Dingle Peninsula for my description.

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