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Why Ladakh
is special

Ladakh's remoteness and awesome high-altitude landscape appeal to adventure travelers. So does the fact that Ladakh's Tibetan-style traditions and lifestyles remain firmly entrenched, largely untouched by the western world.

Top 2 Ladakh

Thiksey Monastery

In Leh, Ladakh's capital


45 kilometers (25 miles) east of Leh

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Vital trade route link

Ladakh was a critical link in the ancient Central Asian trade route network.

Few Foreigners

It had minimum contact with the rest of the world until the 20th century.

One reason for
this isolation

There was extreme difficulty in reaching mountainous Ladakh from population centers in India in the south. The roads were often impassable.


Land vehicles and, to some extent, the roads themselves have improved in the last several decades. And, you can fly to the capital Leh from Delhi in 60 minutes.

Manali to Leh journey

For an exhilarating adventure, try the Manali to Leh land route. This torturous, 500-kilometer (300-mile) road passes through remote villages and high, rugged mountain passes. Usually, July and August are the best months weather-wise for making this heady two-day trip.

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