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Why Meenakshi
is special

The Meenakshi Hindu Temple in Madurai, India is renowned for its skyscraping gopurams (photo shows one of them). They are elaborately carved gateways.

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Centuries old

The Meenakshi Gopurams were erected in the 13th to 16th Centuries.


They reach as high as 50 meters (165 feet).


The Meenakshi Gopurams are abundantly decorated from base to roof with flamboyantly colored god and animal sculptures of fanciful design.


The four main gopurams serve as entrance gates to the walled Meenakshi Temple.


The overall temple is as large as a dozen football fields.

Main hall

This immense Dravidian-style temple contains the enormous Hall of a Thousand Pillars (actually "only" 985, but they're all wonderfully sculptured).

Other features

Meenakshi Temple also houses a myriad of fascinating small temples and corridors that are fun to discover on your own. Surprises await your every turn.

Location in India


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