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This is the Voyager's piece de resistance. The Atrium majestically soars from Deck 3 to the Deck 12 skylight. Its height can best be appreciated when you ride one of the glass-backed elevators.


The blackjack, crap, roulette and poker tables and the rows of slot machines are most active after dinner.

Internet Cafe and Club.com

The Internet cafe (and the adjoining Club.com) have enough computers that you can usually find an open one, including during the busiest period (right after dinner). Computer classes are given for novices in the Club.com. And there is WiFi access in most areas of the cruise vessel. Be aware that connection speed can be excruciatingly slow, even on a luxury cruise ship, due mainly to satellite-to-ship transmission limitations.

Photo shop

It sells camera equipment and supplies, including film, batteries and memory cards.

Card room

Bridge is the most popular game. Tournaments and classes are sometimes held.

Connoisseur Club

Relax with an after-dinner Cognac and a world-class cigar in an English club setting.


It's quiet, comfortable and stocked with well-selected books. There is no cruise librarian to date stamp your volume. Simply take it with you and return it when you're through.


The items are duty free. Watch for special sales near the end of a cruise itinerary.

Self-service launderettes

All five suite decks have one. Facilities include washing machines, dryers and irons.

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Other public spaces
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