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Want more detailed reporting than presented in the daily two-page news bulletin? Major newspapers (including USA Today and The Wall Street Journal) can be downloaded from a satellite and custom printed for you for a set cost. Sometimes you can find a free USA Today printout in the library.

Secret reading hideaway

The normally active Observation Lounge located on a high cruise deck facing the bow is a perfect place for reading a book during the morning and midday hours. The plush chairs are comfortable, the lighting is good, the sea view is wonderful, and the room is virtually empty and therefore very quiet.

Club Mariner Youth Program

Although the Voyager does not have a dedicated facility for youthful passengers, it has a special program (grouped by age) for them on select itineraries during summers and holidays. Because the groups are small in number, the participants receive personalized attention.

For those desiring an extensive onboard variety of children programs and facilities, I suggest the mass-market cruise lines like Carnival, Disney and Royal Caribbean. Because their boats abound with children (especially when school is out), your brood will have many playmates.

Embarkation & debarkation

The Voyager's boarding and deboarding processes are fast and efficient.

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