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Enrichment programs

The typical guest aboard the Voyager cruise ship has a keen intellectual curiosity, so it is natural for the cruise to conduct a rich variety of lectures and other programs on topics like art, antiques, cooking, and wine. They are led by guest lecturers and other experts in their fields.

Onboard tours


Don't miss the tour of the bridge. You'll meet the captain (see his photo above). His bridge officers will explain the high-tech navigation system. Be sure to see the radar screen. It pinpoints the location of boats as far as the horizon. Click the icon of one of the them and you will learn over a dozen vital facts including the boat's name, current speed and direction.


Sign up for the kitchen tour. Your guide (sometimes the chef) shows you the prepping, cooking and storage areas. You gain an insider's understanding of how the kitchen manages to prepare a wide variety of dishes for hundreds of passengers.

Circle of interests

On select itineraries, The Regent Seven Seas Voyager organizes Circles of Interest for various specific topics (such as art or photography). Passengers sign up when they book their cruise reservation. After they meet their fellow enthusiasts at an onboard cocktail party, they dine, attend lectures, and go on special shore excursions together. They arrive as strangers, leave as friends.

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