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The running of the bulls is just one part of the 9-day San Fermin Festival that features:

Daily bullfights
Nightly fireworks
Musical performances
Religious event

Party scene

Many people come to Pamplona just as much for partying as for seeing the running of the bulls. It takes place in clubs, residences and on the streets - and can last through dawn.

Bull ring

The Plaza de Toros in Pamplona seats over 19,000 spectators, making it the world's third largest bullring. Only those in Madrid and Mexico City are bigger.

Length of stay

You need not come for the full 9 days of the festival. Deja vu can set in. Most Pamplona tourists (from Spain and beyond) come for the day - or stay for only one or two nights.


They are not easy to obtain for the festival. If you cannot book them in Pamplona, consider staying in San Sebastian, about 90 kilometers (55 miles) away. Then come by car, bus or train on day trips. While you're in Pamplona, you might find a last-minute cancellation.

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