Grand Tetons

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Grand Tetons
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The park is known for more than just its mountains. It's rich in wildlife, including moose, elk, and both black and grizzly bears. Recreational activities include hiking, camping, bird watching, horseback riding, bicycling, boating, rafting, skiing and picture taking.


The Grand Tetons began forming 13 millions years ago when the earth's crust separated along a north-south geologic fault line. The western land mass rose, creating the 65-kilometer (40-mile) long Grand Tetons mountain range. The eastern side sank, creating Jackson Hole Valley.

Fault line

It is still active. The mountains will continue to slowly rise and Jackson Hole Valley (currently about 2100 meters or 6800 feet high) will keep sinking.

Visitor count and location

Grand Teton National Park attracts 3 million visitors per year. It lies just minutes south of Yellowstone, a Hillman Wonder Gold Medal winner.

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