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Las Vegas Strip
tips and insights

Night is best

The nighttime casino scene is more energetic than the daytime period because it draws a younger and more affluent clientele (retired visitors and local regulars tend to come earlier).

Why the Las Vegas Strip
is a travel wonder

True, the Las Vegas Strip night scene is artificial, ostentatious and over the top. But it's unique and eye-popping enough for every traveler to experience it at least once in his lifetime.

Many Las Vegas aspects
are not wondrous

They include:

Daytime Las Vegas Strip

Relatively lackluster

Downtown hotel-casino area

Generally uninspiring


Without the nighttime Las Vegas Strip, the name "Las Vegas" would not be on the Silver Medal list.

Hotel-casino variety

There is a hotel-casino to suit every taste and pocketbook, from budget family to stylish upscale.

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