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Monument Valley
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Many famous movies and high-budget TV commercials have been filmed using the buttes as backdrops. The first film was Stagecoach (the 1939 classic western starring John Wayne). Others include the Academy Award winning Forrest Gump and Stanley Kubrick's space epic 2001.


The buttes and mesas were carved by eroding winds and rain over millions of years.


The only accommodations within Monument Valley Tribal Park is the The View Hotel. The rooms offer good vantages of the desertscape and buttes. And you're inside the park before the gates open and after they close to other visitors.

The closest other accommodations are in the nearby Indian town of Goulding, Utah.

Official name
and location

The wonder's official name is the Monument Valley Tribal Park. It lies entirely in Navajo Indian territory - and sits in two states, Arizona (mostly) and Utah.

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