Mount Rushmore

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Mount Rushmore
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Best viewpoints

Besides observing the figures from a distance at the popular Grandview Terrace, you can hike up the Presidents' Trail for a closer view.

Major players


Guston Borglum

Belgian sculptor Guston Borglum conceived the project. Sometimes his temperamental ego hindered the undertaking, but he also provided the driving creative force that made the difficult mission possible.



Guston Borglum fired an assistant named Ziolkowski, who went on to begin chiseling a gigantic monument of the  Sioux warrior Crazy Horse out of a nearby mountain (it is still in the works).

Project history in brie

The task spanned 14 years:

1927 – Work begins
1934 – First bust finished.
1939 – Last one dedicated.
1941 – Borglum passes away.
1941 – Son finishes project

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