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Few knew of it
30 years ago

Bungle Bungle lies in a remote and, until recently, difficult-to-reach wilderness area. That helps explain why it was unknown (except to some local Australians, mainly Aborigines) until the 1980s.

Sightseeing today

Some travelers explore Bungle Bungle using 4WDs and their feet. They get to enjoy Bungle Bungle up close. Others visitors sightsee by plane or helicopter. The chief advantage is you see a greater variety of the Bungle Bungle landforms than you could on the ground. For the keenest perspective of Bungle Bungle, view it from both the air and ground.

Two sections

Bungle Bungle is unofficially divided into two sections: Northern and Southern.



It boasts Echidna Chasm, which offers a popular 1-hour hike through its high, narrow gorge.


This is the more alluring section because it has the bee-hive mounds. Its two best known hikes are through the Cathedral Gorge (1 hour) and the Piccaninny Creek (8 to 10 hours).

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