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Indian Pacific Railroad
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Water stops

The Indian Pacific Railroad makes several stops at remote Outback settlements to replenish water and other necessities. You have enough time to do some brief sightseeing. The stops include the Outback mining towns of Broken Hill (silver) and Kaljoorlie (gold). The latter has a well-known red light district, which is part of the local tour.

Two service levels

The Gold Kangaroo (first class) has small private sleep cabins. The Red Kangaroos (economy) has airline style reclining seats plus some ultra-compact sleep cabins.

If money is no object

You can book a private carriage car that attaches to the Indian Pacific Railroad train. It can sleep up to 12 people.

The Ghan

The Indian Pacific Railroad has a sister train, the Ghan. It travels nearly 3,000 kilometers (1900 miles) from Adelaide on Australia's southern coast to Darwin on the northern coast via Alice Springs. It bisects the continent vertically.

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