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Don't miss visiting the visually striking Long Room and viewing the famous Book of Kells in the Trinity College Library. Other Dublin draws include savoring the architecturally gorgeous Georgian Houses and having a pint in one of the interesting Irish pubs.


Top draw is the Edinburgh Castle, which dramatically overlooks the Old Town from its high perch. Be sure to explore the historic Old Town below where the middle class worked and lived. Shoppers will relish the Royal Mile lined with quaint stores, pubs, and more.

Scottish Islands

Over 800 islands reside in northern and north-western Scotland. To the untraveled soul, they feel bleak and remote. To seasoned travelers, they are beautiful in a different world way. Hebrides, Orkneys, and Shetland are the three major island groups.

Other popular
British Isles cruise
destinations include ...

These can be enjoyed without having to travel far from a port.

Guernsey Island  Near French coast

Peaceful, photogenic rural landscapes.

White Cliffs of Dover  View from deck

Historic and visually impressive.

These require lengthy shore excursions (main access port is italicized):

Blarney Stone  Cork

The castle venue is more than kissing.

Giant's Causeway  Belfast

The castle venue is more than kissing.

Irish Countryside  Cork or Dublin

An amazing natural rock formation.

Lock Ness  Inverness

Will you spot the famous monster?

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