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When to go

Seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are the opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere.

February is the best month of all.

South American
cruise destinations

Many cruisers are disappointed with these:

Cape Horn

Taking an "Around the Cape" cruise sounds exciting, but this historic landmark is visually mundane. Also, most cruise ships don't get that close to Cape Horn. Moreover, you risk experiencing in the infamous Straits of Magellan dreary skies, chilly temperatures, strong winds, and rough seas, even in the summertime.

Falkland Islands

While a visit to remarkable South Georgia Islands is worth the long open-sea sailing time, the one to the Falkland Islands is not. The capital port city Stanley is lackluster. And, with the exception of the penguin colonies, the Falkland Islands fall short in tourism appeal.

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Cruise lines

You have a wide choice. Ships in all three quality categories - luxury, upmarket, and mainstream - sail South America.

Climate variation

Expect a variety of climates. South America stretches about 7500 kilometers (4700 miles) from the tropical Caribbean to its cold southernmost point.

Safety advice

Both Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro have unsafe slums. However, popular tourist streets in those cities are relatively safe, especially during busy hours. But it's wise to remain alert for pickpockets and purse snatchers.

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