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When to go

Most world cruises depart in mid-winter, typically from December to February. January is the most popular month.


The per person double-occupancy rates range from US$15,000 or so (a small inside cabin on a 90-night cruise on a mainstream cruise ship) to a tad under US$300,000 for the owner's suite for 140-plus-night cruise on a luxury cruise ship. That translates as $200  to $2,000 per day.

To those figures, add the multi-month expenses of shore excursions, restaurant meals, shopping, and other inevitable land costs. They total big bucks over the course of a world cruise.

All inclusive?

When comparing cruise rates, check whether these costs are included or considered extras:

Alcoholic beverages


Port charges

Fuel charges

Generally, onboard meals and entertainment are included, laundry and medical services are not.

Cruise length

The majority of world cruises last between 90 and 130 nights. One takes 145, another 335 nights.

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