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Knossos Palace
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Collapse of the
Minoan Civilization

Several theories explain why the Minoan Civilization perished around 1450 BC after having thrived for centuries. The most popular theory:


Volcanic eruption

Just 115 kilometers (70 miles) away, a volcano erupted on the Greek Island of Thera (called Santorini in modern Greece). The powerful explosion created a massive tsunami and thick ash clouds.


The above cataclysmic event is fact. But the result below is speculation.



The tsunami and ash clouds destroyed most of the Minoan mercantile fleet and settlements. To make matters worse, when the ash clouds reached the farmlands of some distant Minoan trading partners, their economies and therefore their ability to trade with the Minoans was severely hamstrung.

History blackout

Knowledge of the the Minoan existence slowly disappeared from the recorded history of Greece.

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