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Lindos Acropolis
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Your hard climb is rewarded by more than seeing the ruins. Below you is a vista of one of the Greek Islands' most attractive seascapes, You also view the bayside village of Lindos.


Allow time to visit the village of Lindos. It has charming whitewashed dwellings and a sandy beach. Be sure to explore its twisting, exceptionally narrow lanes. In some places, it's difficult to pass a person without turning sideways.

Reaching the
Lindos Acropolis
from the village

You can do it only by foot or (for part of the way) by donkey. The last part of the trek is the hardest and is beyond the donkey's reach. You must climb a long, steep stairway with the hot sun beating down on your head (wear a hat).


Some of the stones underfoot have been worn slippery smooth through centuries of use. So  wear comfortable shoes with good traction. And be especially careful when rain makes the stones slippery.

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