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Samaria Gorge
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Don't rush

I've seen Type A trekkers dashing down the trail as if the point of being there is to see how fast they can traverse it. Some do it in 2 or so hours. Take your time. Allow 5 to 7 hours so you can stop to appreciate the marvelous gorgescape, unique wildlife, and fresh herbal scents in one the most secluded areas of Greece.

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Wear comfortable, thick-sole shoes (the trail is pebbly and stony). Put on a hat and sun screen. Tote a snack and some water.


Be sufficiently fit

The hike can take a painful toll on your legs if you do not regularly take long walks.


Protect your knees

Be especially wary of the first 2 kilometers (1.5 miles) of the trail. It can cause knee injury because it mainly consists of a long series of stepped inclines that descend rapidly to the stream bed far below. Plant your feet slowly to minimize impact on your knees.

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