Ring of Kerry

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Ring of Kerry
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Most scenic Ring of Kerry area

It's the south eastern end of the isthmus between the towns of Waterville and Caherdaniel.

Several routes

There are separate routes for drivers, cyclists and hikers. Those for the latter two visitor types offer a more serene experience.

Drive the Ring
of Kerry clockwise,
not counter-clockwise

Tour buses must travel the loop counter-clockwise to lessen traffic backups. If you are driving a car, be sure to travel in the opposite direction. Otherwise, you won't be able to pass those wide vehicles as they slowly progress down the narrow and twisty country roads.

When to go

The secret of enjoying the Ring of Kerry is knowing when to go. May and September are the two best months. In the summer months, it's too popular for its own good. Some key country roads are traffic-jammed.

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