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My three Blue Grotto tips will likely save you disappointment:


Go on sunny days

The water is lit dramatically by underwater refracting sunrays when the sun is out.


Go early or late in the day

Midday-tourist demand creates boat gridlock and long waits at the grotto entrance.


Assess sea conditions

Don't take or book a trip when the water is choppy. Boats can reach the Blue Grotto's entranceway but cannot get inside the cave.


Daytrip versus
stay over

Capri thrives with daytrippers because it's an easy 45-minute hydrofoil ride from Naples and Sorrento. Stay-over visitors get to enjoy a more peaceful, enjoyable Capri in the early morning and late afternoon during the peak season.

comfortable shoes

There's going to be a lot of uphill walking. The island is the top part of a steep mountain jutting out of the sea.

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