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Trevi Fountain
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Cinema boosted
Trevi Fountain's fame

Two popular 20th century films helped spread the word around the globe.


Three Coins in a Fountain

This hit 1954 movie helped make this 18th century attraction the world's best-known "wishing well".


La Dolce Vita

The 1960 La Dolce Vita film forever etched in the minds of cinema buffs the scene of Anita Ekberg gleefully splashing about in the water.



The structure is built against the wall of the Poli Palace. A statue of Neptune is the Trevi Fountain focal point. He stands on a seashell chariot pulled by two seahorses.

How it got
its name

Trevi Fountain gained its name because three roads (tre vie) meet in its square.

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Photo by Scuba Beer - CC BY-SA 2.0




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