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Nazca Lines
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Theories about the purpose
of the Nazca Lines abound

For example, some experts argue that they were used as an astronomical calendar for the benefit of farmers planting and harvesting their crops. Some people speculate that the lines were landing aids for alien spacecrafts. However, the modern day consensus says the Nazca Lines likely had a religious purpose.


Little is known about the civilization that is now named "Nazca". Many scholars surmise that its geoglyphic constructing period occurred somewhere between 400 BC and 800 AD.

Geoglyphs exist in other parts of the world, but the Nazca Lines are easily the most striking and enigmatic.

Drawing method

Most objects were drawn by digging a narrow, shallow trench. This exposed the light hued subsoil, which markedly contrasts with the plateau's thin reddish-brown surface layer.

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