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Voyager shore excursions have advantages over those of bigger vessels.

More time on shore

You gain the extra time because the Voyager has just 700 passengers to disembark and embark while the big cruise liners have thousands


You also save time because it is a mid-, not large-sized vessel. This means it has a greater chance of docking at a quay instead of having to anchor in open water. Walk down the ramp and you're ashore. There is no need to commute in a tender.

Group size and quality

Voyager shore excursions have smaller groups and better guides than offered by most liners. For example, when I was in a museum, I noticed that the guide leading a Voyager group was explaining the artworks on a much higher plane than did the guide leading a group from a large cruise boat.

Your excursion mates

Another advantage is you go on a shore excursion with seasoned travelers. So your group's precious time is less likely to be hijacked by a member asking dilettante questions.

Free shuttle busses

If you are not taking a group or independent shore excursion, you can travel to and from the center of a port town on the Voyager's free frequent-departure shuttle busses.

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