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Amazon Rainforest
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Although the Amazon Rainforest looks like other rainforests to the amateur eye, nearly all its plants and animals are unique.

Nutrient recycling

The Amazon ground must be nutrient rich because it fosters profuse plant growth. Right? Wrong. The soil is nutrient poor. The rain forest survives because it quickly recycles its limited nutrient sources.

Water recycling

The Amazon also rapidly recycles its water. When it rains, the trees absorb the water, then let it evaporate, which creates clouds, which generate rain. Half that rain falls on the rain forest. The water shortcoming is made up by westbound clouds from the Atlantic Ocean.


Average annual rainfall approaches 3 meters (10 feet). Some areas can experience twice that amount.

The canopy

High trees create what is called the canopy, a dense umbrella of leaves. Little reaches the ground plants. To survive, they have developed broad leaves to capture as many diffused sun rays as possible.

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