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San Francisco's Alcatraz Island (nicknamed the Rock) is renowned for its decades of being a maximum-security prison for incorrigible inmates.

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Few jailbirds attempted to escape Alcatraz island because of:


Tight security


Long distance to the mainland shoreline


Frigid, strong, bay currents which could rapidly pull them out to the deep ocean.


Rumors of man-eating sharks.


Still, there were 14 attempts involving several dozen convicts. Most of them were caught, but some drowned or were shot. No one knows for sure what happened to several others. Officials think they drowned, some writers say they made it and settled elsewhere.

Brief history
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This travel wonder has four major historical periods:



Fortress (until 1907) and military brig.



Federal penitentiary.



Occupied by a small group of American Indians to protest government policy affecting Native-Americans.



Run by the National Park System. Open to the public.

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