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Of all the world's major aquariums, this one in California is the most successful at being simultaneously very educational and interesting.

Monterey Aquarium
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There are two dozen significant indoor and outdoor exhibits, habitats and galleries. The most popular include:


Kelp Forest

This glass-fronted three-story affair has a multitude of fish swimming around towering kelp (see photo). If possible, be there at feeding time when divers hand-feed the denizens.

Open Sea Galleries

It boasts the world's largest Plexiglas viewing window, allowing you to see up close a slew of large-fish species in a single glance.

Sea Otters

Observe energetic, fun-loving sea otters as they dash about in and out of the water.

Tidal Pool

It teems with natural inhabitants including crabs, anemones and sea stars.

Ocean's Edge

See a giant octopus and walk through a special wave-crash tunnel.


Non-permanent presentations can also be stimulating.

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