Mistakes Hawaiian
resort guests make

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common mistakes
Hawaiian resort guests make

Being reticent in asking the
front desk for a better room

Front-desk staffers have leeway in deciding who gets the good and not-so-good accommodations in a given room category. They tend to give the preferable one to the guests who demonstrated that they appreciate better rooms by the fact they asked.

Not letting a resort know that you
will be on your honeymoon or
celebrating an anniversary

Most resort managers love to go the extra mile for these types of guest by, for example, giving them a complimentary upgrade or extra perks.

Not asking whether your room
will likely suffer from external noises
that could affect your sleep

Distractions include sounds from delivery trucks, street traffic, and loud nightclub music from within or outside the resort.

Being "conventionalized"

Ask the reservationist whether the resort is hosting a convention or large business group during your desired dates. Conventioneers and business groups diminish the vacation atmosphere you seek.

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