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Best times

September and October

These two months are the very best time of the year to visit San Francisco. They are in effect the city's summer.

You can expect warm temperatures (September and October are San Francisco's warmest months). Also plan on blue skies - it seldom rains or becomes overcast.

April and May

Despite being springtime, there is little rain. And temperatures are mild. And the summer tourist masses have yet to arrive.

Least desirable times

June to August

The city's busiest tourist period is ironically one of the two least desirable times to visit San Francisco.

The calendar says it's summer, but reality says not. Temperatures are usually nippy (so pack a light sweater).

Many days have overcast skies. And chilling damp fogs often roll in from the sea in the morning and blanket the buildings and streets. The fog does not fully burn off until midday.

To make matters worse, the city's top tourist attraction have painfully long waiting lines.

November to March

This is San Francisco's rainiest period. It's also the coldest, though temperatures seldom go below 7°C (45°F).

Also note

Dress in layers

Temperatures can quickly change within a hour from warm to chilly (especially in the spring and fall).

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