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When to come

Hvar Town has become a popular vacation for jet setters as well as for us ordinary folks. It is often jam-packed (and expensive) in July and August. May is the best all-around month (great weather and tolerable crowds).


Although tourism brochures praise the beaches, in reality they are not exceptional enough or are too crowded to attract visitors on their own merits. Watersporting is even more hyped.

Sunny days

Hvar has a blessed climate. It offers vacationers more sunny days than they will find in virtually all other European beach holiday areas.


Some hillsides and mountain slopes are picturesquely blanketed with vineyards, olive groves, and aromatic lavender fields.


Many Hvar Town buildings are designed in the Venetian style because the island was controlled by Venice from the 13th to 18th centuries.


Hvar Island measures about 68 kilometers (42 miles) in length and roughly 11 kilometers (7 miles) wide. The highest point is 628 meters (2,050 feet) above sea level.

Exploring the island

You can rent a car or scooter. And there are decent inter-island ferry and bus services.

Getting there

Ferry service from the mainland Croatian city of Split is the most popular departure option. Ferries from Dubrovnik take much longer.

How to pronounce

Hvar = vahr (The "H" is silent. And the "v" has a hint of the "f" sound in the word "far".)

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