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Plitvice Lakes
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Boardwalk issue

Some above-water stretches are slightly elevated above the water and relatively narrow.

Because most of the boardwalks lack railings, they create a problem with those with poor balance (or a fear of slipping).

This issue is particularly true when you have to snake your way through a slow moving "space-entitled" tour-group in front of you.


The expansive park covers almost 50 square kilometers (20 square miles).

Paths and trails

You have a choice of a half dozen or so well-marked pathways (often boardwalks) and woodsy trails. They come in various lengths and degrees of difficulty. The shortest routes are the easiest, the longer circuits, are more scenic. Plan on two hours for the shortest route, up to eight hours for the longest one.

What to wear

Don comfortable, good-grip shoes and bring a poncho or other easy-to-pack rain gear (it could suddenly start raining when you are far from the nearest shuttle bus).


Although the park is inhabited with bears, wolves, foxes, and other beasts, most visitors never see them. The thick forest hides them.

Licka Kuca Restaurant

This well-known restaurant is situated near the park's Entrance #1. While Licka Kuca is definitely a tourist-oriented eatery and won't win any Michelin stars, it oozes with atmospheric character. Order its ethnic entrees, especially the Croation specialty named "peka" (game, lamb or chicken covered with a metal bell-shaped lid and cooked over hot coals).

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